Indonesia – Sandalwood Vanilla


Having visited Bali countless times the smell that comes to my mind is that of the Canang Sari, which is a daily offering by the Balinese Hindus. Sticks of incense are included within the offerings and the scent of SANDALWOOD VANILLA with its warm amber, smooth wood and creamy vanilla notes can be smelt. Therefore, Sandalwood Vanilla will transport you to the island of the gods.

Malaysia – Pomegranate Mango


A tropical nation, Malaysia is filled with beautiful tropical fruit. With the odd pomegranate plantation and mango being a popular fruit with Malaysians, POMEGRANATE MANGO with its fresh and fruity smell will easily take you to the incredible country that is Malaysia. 

Maldives – Tropical Breeze


The Maldives, the honeymooners’ dream! With its turquoise water and overwater bungalows in a tropical setting, what more could you want? However, don’t assume like I did that the Maldives won’t be windy because my golly gosh there is often a strong breeze. So, be transported to the Maldives with TROPICAL BREEZE with fruit notes of orange, pineapple, peach and strawberry. It is like drinking a fruit mocktail while overlooking the ocean. 

Sri Lanka – Green Tea


Sri Lanka, the home of tuk tuks, tea, tea plantations and tea plucking ladies. How can you not be transported to Sri Lanka when you think and smell tea? Therefore, this was a no-brainer and GREEN TEA with its combination of tea leaves, flowers and subtle notes of fruit is perfect if you wish to dream of Sri Lanka within the comforts of your own home. 


Denmark – Vanilla Ice Cream


It may be cold in the Scandinavian countries, but that doesn’t stop their love for ice creams. Visiting Copenhagen I couldn’t get over the amount of ice cream shops everywhere I turned. VANILLA ICE CREAM with its signature vanilla smell is, therefore, my choice for Denmark as it transports me straight back to one of my favourite cities, Copenhagen. 

England – Lavender


Having visited London quite a few times now it was only recently I ventured out into the English countryside and my god I am glad I did. Full of greenery and plants the lavender is famous for its fields of purple within the countryside of England. Easy to see why LAVENDER takes me back to the home of big ben, red buses and the royal family. 

France – French Pear


Not only is France famous for its pastries but also for pears, who would have thought? The clever French were actually the ones who somehow turned the sour pear grown in China into the sweet and delicious pear we eat today. Pears are available all year round in France and therefore FRENCH PEAR with its natural scent of brandied sweet pears will smell good enough to eat while taking you to the city of love. 

Germany – Gingerbread


The deliciousness that is gingerbread is famous in many countries. However, the longest traditions of gingerbread making comes out the beautiful country Germany. With sugary top notes and the perfect combination of cinnamon and spice GINGERBREAD is one of my favourite scents and perfect for one of my favourite countries.

North America

Costa Rica – Pineapple Mango


Home to some of the happiest people on the planet Costa Rica is not only full of happy people, amazing wildlife but also beautiful tropical fruit. PINEAPPLE MANGO with its incredible tropical scent is perfect if you wish be taken to the beautiful nation of Costa Rica.

USA – Strawberry Soda Pop


The United States of America the home of fast food and stunning nature. The USA surpassed my expectations purely due to its natural beauty. However, what also surprised me was how many fast food outlets could fit into one country and how much soda is consumed. Therefore, STRAWBERRY SODA POP with its zingy, zesty, sweet strawberry fragrance definitely sends me back to the USA.


Fiji – Coconut Cream


Another beautiful tropical nation filled with palm trees. Within these palm trees are delicious coconuts. I remember travelling to Fiji being told there was more chance of being killed by a coconut than a shark. For this reason, COCONUT CREAM with its whipped cream with toasted coconut scent reminds me of Fiji.

New Caledonia – Grapefruit & Lime


One of my favourite tropical scents is GRAPEFRUIT & LIME for the beautiful tropical nation of New Caledonia. There is nothing better than a sweet grapefruit in the morning within a tropical country and this scent consisting of lime, grapefruit and subtle notes of mango make for a perfect smell to take you to New Caledonia.  

South America

Bolivia – Salted Caramel

Inspired by the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, the biggest in the world that reside in Bolivia. And also, dulce de leche, a caramel spread that is everywhere in South America, SALTED CARAMEL is the perfect scent to take you to Bolivia. 

Brazil – Fresh Coffee


Everyone knows Brazil is known for its coffee. I, however, do not drink coffee but I do remember it being everywhere when I visited this spectacular country. FRESH COFFEE with its scent of a fresh cup of black coffee is a perfect reminder of Brazil.